Curious about my stash? Well, here it is. Wasn’t easy to get pictures of it, since I started to clean the desk for the pictures. This let to more cleaning, sorting etc. Even to some giveaway bundles and pics of them as shown in the last post. But enough off topic 😉

I have mainly polyester and several kind of cotton threads: Quite some metre of beige and some white, grey and black as neutral colors for clothes and patchwork. A few cones for my serger which are also mainly neutral. They are just stored in a plastic bin.

I have lots of different colors. However, most of them are only 50-200 m and where just bought because I liked them. I do love my rainbow. Having plenty of colors on hand allows me to play around with them depending on mood and project – I can anytime choose a fitting, a contrasting or just a slightly off color. The bobbin color will be mostly neutral or similiar to the upper thread

If I want a matching color and I do not have one, I take the closest match which is a hint darker than the fabric since it blends better in this way. And never be afraid of contrastig thread. Beginn on dark fabric with some of the darker colors such as a dark bluish green on black jeans to loose some fear.

Bigger spools and thick quilting thread are stored in a wooden box. Some threads as for embroidery and my gift of Madeira are stored in small cases.