St. Nicholas SWAP

I’d like to organize a SWAP for St. Nicholas Day. For us this day means to find a nice small surprise in your booties. So why not help St. Nicholas this day SMILE

Each participant is supposed to sew something nice and add some little thing so that it could fit in the recipients boots. Well, or at least somehow nearby.

You can find the according flickr group here.

Rules will be so far:

  • It is supposed to be a lot of fun. So I’d like to see some talks going on and maybe there will be some surprises on the way as well.
  • Sign up until 15.09.2010. Thus, all of us have plenty of time. Don’t sign up if you are not sure whether you are able to meet the deadline. My mail-address can be found in my profile.
  • You should send me some likes/dislikes/inspiration and important notes for your partner. Even better, tell where this information can be found such as your blog or Flickr account. Important: Tell me in which country you are willing to ship and send me your details as well.
  • I try to match partners with similar style. You will not know who is working for you, we don’t want to spoil the surprise. This way everybody can already post some sneaks if the like (and I hope so) to inspire the rest of us.
  • The package should be sent in time so that your partner will receive it the 05.12.2010. Be punctual. Since it is no fun not to have no package to unpack in the morning. Inform me, when for some reason you will not be able to send it in time.
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures and thanks to your partners

I am curious if anybody of you would like to participate! And if you do so, spread the world. The more the more fun for all of us.

Edit: This swap will be solely take place in flickr.

2 Gedanken zu “St. Nicholas SWAP

  1. Thx. The basic idea was a bean sac pattern for kids of a German book. I tweaked and changed it around and it ended up with arms, jackets, hair, other hats (and some other changes) and only 10 cm tall. I think I'll have to make some of them again this year.

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